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Easter_Egg_Hunt_2017_076_(2).jpgpetting a bunny
bison_in_Mamoth2.jpgand then they were in town
IMG_0163[1].JPGgood afternoon to clean the fridge out
IMG00565.jpgHappy Birthday to this guy!!
IMAG0153.JPGTOFS practice
IMAG0150.JPGice cream gang
IMAG0145.JPGbike gang by the mural
IMAG0137.JPGbike gang starting out
IMAG0091.AVIwiffle ball
20150613_173617.jpgbroke in the new car this weekend.
KINDLE_CAMERA_1433101952000.jpgwatching the storm
KINDLE_CAMERA_1430926309000.jpgwatching the grill
KINDLE_CAMERA_1430926313000.jpgchillin in the shade
mom.JPGone more of my mommy
IMAG0089.JPGon more of my mommy
IMAG0176.JPGI helped get that thing in the air
IMAG0164.JPGfilling the balloon up with air
IMAG0095.JPGMy Mommy and her sisters
IMAG0122.JPGMy Mommy
IMAG0078.JPGPayton is great at organizing purses
IMAG0143.JPGfurther summer
IMAG0129.JPGalso summer
IMAG0139.JPGanother summer
IMAG0134.JPGmore summer
IMAG0113.JPGSome summer memories
KINDLE_CAMERA_1401916670000.jpgeuchre partner
KINDLE_CAMERA_1396791318000.jpgcon mi madre
Happy_Birthday_1_(1).JPGHappy Birthday to me!!
IMG-20121021-00061.jpgThe Glen in Watkins Glen
IMG-20121021-00060.jpgSeneca Lake