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2016-03-12_19.42.50.jpgpassing the torch
cookies2015.jpg5 boxes of these?
sandy_valentine_final.jpgHappy Valentine's Day!
TOFS_songs.pdfFor anyone that wants to wreck the ol' 97 at Ohlerama Breckenridge
IMAG0111.jpgYou trickster you!
HFS_12_registration_form_website.pdfAnyone thinking about Thanksgiving with us should fill out one of these.
IMG-20120811-00294.jpgThis....cause I can't code to fix anything
scan0001.jpgpuerto rico
nto-graduation-5.jpgnate graduation
IMG_2086.JPGxmas tree hunting
IMG_1938.JPGat sapphire mountain
day_camp_2012_group_photo.jpgSee if you can find Frankie, Sandy, Tracy, Veronica, & Daniela!
PSPP_xmas_party_sandy3.JPGI still believe
the_letter_i.pngi like the letter i
littleA_copy.pngI wrote a letter.
20_miles_2011.pngThis is what 20 miles looks like.
water.jpgThe theme on this page is 'water'.
2010-12-24_20-09-50.742.jpgoh christmas tree
Media_BibNumber3518-1.wmvFinisher #3518 (wmv)
cribbage_at_garnet.JPGWhere has your cribbage board been today?
IMG_1102.JPGA proper lady should know how to iron...
Rush.jpgIt was there for only a moment, but I caught it.